Hume Street, Dublin 2.

Welcome to Hume Street.

Hume Street is a historic Georgian street in the heart of Georgian Dublin.  It runs east from the east side of St. Stephens Green into Ely Place.  The street was first laid out in 1768.  The logo for the page is the old street name which was restated on the wall of a modern office.  The modern office having replaced the original Georgian building that stood at No. 1. Hume Street and was the original residence of Gustavus Hume.

About one third of the street was destroyed in the 1960s and 70s and replaced by modern buildings with Georgian facades.  The WiKi entry for the street can by found here. There is a short but interesting video on the 'battle for Hume Street' to be found in the RTE archives site. Irish readers will smile at the interview with a young and very pretty architecture student called Marian Finucane (wonder what happened her?) and will be delighted with the dulcet tones of the reporter Patrick Gallagher. See it here.
This site hopes to raise the level of public awareness of this important street and help protect the remaining original buildings.  The development of the site was prompted by an attack on the hospital buildings (seen on the left of the Google Street view below), by scavengers looking for metal pipes made from copper and lead.  They also sought out and removed the lead flashing on the roof.  They did damage far greater than the value of what they stole.

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Hume Street as seen from the Ely Place end.   The left and right of the foreground shows the remaining historic buildings.  The hospital is on the left. The trees on St. Stephens Green can be seen at the far end.

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Hume Street as seen from the St. Stephens Green end, with the historic Ely House at the far end.  Buildings on the left and right are modern structures with Georgian facades.

The new street nameplate, a classic piece of work by Dublin Corporation

It somehow, I'm not sure how, lacks the class of the original.

Apart from the historic hospital buildings being attacked, with copper and lead pipes being ripped out, the street itself is also being attacked by steel and galvanize pipes being put in.  Dublin Corporation, take a bow, for the tasteful and sympathetic street signs and pole flags that litter the street scape of not just Hume Street, but most of Dublin.

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